Swish have been at the forefront of the window furnishings since the 1960’s and some of the products they have developed have been innovative and enduring. One particular product which comes to mind is the Deluxe curtain track with it’s retrofit gliders.

swish deluxe gliders

The Deluxe Glider along with the Standard Leverlock Brackets are amongst the most popular spare parts.

swish leverlock bracket

Perhaps because I have a page detailing the previous versions of the Superluxe Overlap Sets including a video, the Superluxe Overlap set is also one of my best sellers.

swish superluxe overlaps set

Swish Manufacturer

swish logoMost people whether in the window furnishing industry or a consumer will recognise the logo. Although not an independent company, being originally owned by the large American conglomerate Newell Rubbermaid, after the financial crash of 2008 and combined with large DIY retail chains like B&Q manufacturing their own products Swish UK was sold to Sunflex, who continue to manufacture and distribute Swish products in the UK as of 2014.
The most popular products in the range are the Deluxe hand drawn track and the Superluxe corded curtain track.

You will find all currently available spare parts and accessories for the current range of Swish tracks on this site with the Deluxe gliders being the most popular. Some parts have been superseded with better versions, the Superluxe overlap set being the most popular example, you will find photos of the previous versions and a video demonstration by following the link. Another part which sometimes confuses those wishing to repair their Swish tracks is the System Connector. The new version combines two parts into one, that is the old style system connector and the Leverlock bracket. You will find a great video demonstration on the Old Style System Connector page.
Previous versions of the Superluxe Overlap Sets are shown below.

swish superluxe overlaps set oldest

swish superluxe overlaps set old

As you can see big differences in shape although both of them fit the Superluxe track; the current version is also very different from these previous versions, check it out Superluxe overlap set.

Curtain Hooks

Many manufacturers make their own version of the PVC curtain hook and have to some extent stolen market share from Swish, although the White PVC tape hook is still very popular.

swish curtain hooks white

UP until 2016 these hooks were also available in Black and Brown.

swish curtain hooks black swish brown curtain hooks

Curtain Tracks and Poles

Most of the window furnishing products on the oomtoo site are either spare parts for curtain tracks, or complete curtain tracks and this also applies to the Swish range. Swish do manufacture a wide range of curtain poles. Sunflex did their own range of tracks and poles before taking over Swish UK and have integrated the brands.

Swish, Harrison Drape and Sunflex

Harrison Drape along with Swish UK and Kirsch were part of the portfolio of window furniture manufacturers owned by Newell Rubbermaid. When Sunflex took over the Harrison Drape brand was part of the agreement. The Kirsch range is no longer available in the UK as at 2014.

There is a really helpful video on this page if you need any help identifying the parts you are looking for.

Anatomy of a Curtain Track