Swish Superluxe Cording Instructions

The video instructions in this video are for the latest version of the Swish Superluxe corded tracks, though the principles are the same for all versions of the Superluxe tracks. Indeed they will also be applicable to the many other corded curtain tracks.

The video below are the instructions for assembling the Swish Superluxe curtain track. Its in three parts, the first dealing disassembling your track, the second assembling a track corded from both sides, starting around 3 minutes into the video, the third assembling tracks corded from one side only, starting around 10.5 minutes.

Good luck 🍀

The overlap / master glider set for the Swish Superluxe curtain track was discontinued as a spare part around 2016, however for those of you who would like to make do and mend, then you can modify the Rolls Superglide master carrier / overlap set to fit.

On some tracks you might find the master gliders are a bit stiff. If this is the case, then as at the end of the video below, trim off until the master gliders run smoothly.

Securing the cord to the Rolls Superglide master carriers is slightly different to that of the Swish Superluxe.

For those of you who would like to read through how to dismantle and assemble your track the details are below.

First remove the track from the wall or ceiling and lay it out somewhere you can work on it, giving yourself enough room and lighting to work comfortably, remove all the parts and give them a clean if necessary.

If your track is corded from both sides, then each cord loop will have one master carrier


if your track is corded from one side only, then the loop will have two master carriers


The knots which secure the curtain cord to the master gliders don’t need to be fancy


for tracks corded from one side only, then one overlap will be knotted as above, and the other will have the cord looped over the cleat as below


if your Swish Superluxe track is corded from one side only, then it will look like this once the cord and master gliders are inserted


you then need to insert the gliders, note these run in behind the cord, i.e. the cord lies flat against the track profile ( make sure the cords lie flat without any twists )


for tracks corded from both sides, the cord is would round the pulley wheels inside the pulley housing as below

Swish Cording Instruction 7 oomtoo

if the track is corded from one side only then the one side will look as above, and the other as below


Superluxe curtain tracks corded from both sides will have what is called a double centre return pulley and a centre joiner, for other brands such as Silent Gliss these are also referred to as an intermediate pulley and joining bridge


for tracks corded from one side only you will leave a loop for adjustment as below

push the master carriers to the ends leaving the loop, then pull the cords from the down pulley, watching the loop at the master glider, and loop it over the ‘lug or cleat’ as it becomes taught


for tracks corded from both sides this won’t be necessary.
one last point to note with the Swish Superluxe track; there is a slot in the back of the down pulley housings, it is important that you place the last bracket in this slot so that it supports the track at the end where all the load is exerted when you pull on the cord to open and close the curtains