Swish Superluxe Cording Instructions

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These instructions are identical to those for the Swish Supreme Corded Curtain Track, the only difference between the Supreme and Superluxe is that, the Supreme track profile is metal aluminium and the Superluxe is PVC plastic, all other parts are identical.

A short extract can be viewed below.

For those of you who would like to read through how to dismantle and assemble your track the details are below.

First remove the track from the wall or ceiling and lay it out somewhere you can work on it, giving yourself enough room and lighting to work comfortably, remove all the parts and give them a clean if necessary.

If your track is corded from both sides, then each cord loop will have one master carrier

if your track is corded from one side only, then the loop will have two master carriers

The knots which secure the curtain cord to the master gliders don’t need to be fancy

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Now includes add-on video of attaching the cords to the Rolls Superglide master gliders modified for the Swish Superluxe track.

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