Silent Gliss 3000 Cording Instructions

Silent Gliss 3000 has been one of the top selling corded curtain tracks in Europe for many years. I used to fit curtain tracks and poles before moving my business towards online retailing and I would say to customers who wanted a cheaper track “fine, you go buy it, I’ll fit it and when it breaks or you are find it so difficult to operate, I’ll charge you to come back and replace it with a Silent Gliss or similar quality track” The inference being, I would come back and repair it or replace it for free if you bough a Silent Gliss track.

As with all tracks though, the cord will eventually get shabby looking, and the plastic components will become brittle and snap. This will be the same with the Silent Gliss 3000.

The video below demonstrates how to take the Silent Gliss 3000 corded curtain track apart to replace any parts.

The pilot runner for the 3000 track is I believe still used. It is a good system which allowed easy adjustment of the master carrier / overlaps arm so that the curtains met in the middle.

Silent Gliss 3000 adjustable carrier

The fiddly bit was the pilot runner

Silent Gliss 3000 pilot runner

which as you can see in the video is used to connect the ends of the cord without the need to knot them. It is fiddly to fit into the cord channels and often comes undone, which means taking the track apart again 😏
I have some recollection of a different method of joining the cords, though I note the cording set for the 3000 still includes the pilot runner.

I sell replacement overlap arms which include the master carriers. For the plastic version it is a complete moulding.

Silent Gliss 3000 video instructions