Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss have been at the forefront of window furnishings ever since the invention of the 1080 curtain track which is still Europe best selling curtain track. One great advantage of using their track and pole systems is that spare parts are generally always available.

The most popular spare part for all track systems are the gliders and the most popular is that used on the, yes you guessed it the 1080. The Silent Gliss Curtain Track Glider is also used on many other tracks in the range, such as the corded 3000 and other hand drawn tracks, 1021 and 1025.

The plastic parts used on all Silent Gliss products are generally made from good quality nylon which is strong and durable and generally the need for spares only occurs after a considerable length of time, or if additional gliders, brackets and hooks are needed.

Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks

The number of tracks available is extensive with their flagship being the 1080

Silent Gliss 1080 hand drawn curtain track

Silent Gliss Curtain Hooks

As with many other manufactures Silent Gliss like to have their own standard tape hook, but they also manufacture several specialist curtain hooks. Their most used curtain hooks are these nylon curtain hooks often used on hospital cubicle tracks

silent gliss nylon curtain hook

Curtain Track Gliders

As above the most popular glider is that below

silent gliss curtain track glider

Curtain Track Brackets

There is a wide range of brackets and extension brackets for tracks and Metropoles, the most used universal bracket is shown below

silent gliss universal bracket white

Other Parts

Because of the very large range of tracks, poles and window blinds, it follows that even though many parts are used on more than one part, the number of individual spare parts for Silent Gliss window furnishings is numerous. The overlap arm for the corded 3000 is shown below, click on the link for more information.

silent gliss 3000 metal overlap arm

Made to Measure

All Silent Gliss window furnishings are made up from components locally, so to some extent or another all are made to measure, although for most a track with bends for a bay window will be what they are looking for. View the made to measure Bay Window Tracks page for more information and quotes.

Silent Gliss Loop Tape System

This is so far as I know a unique system, and certainly they have captured a niche market of small installations with their Loop tape and glider system which facilitates a very neat and although small very strong and durable curtain track and curtain system for camper vans, caravans, trucks and boats generally.

The loop tape has small eyelets

silent gliss loop tape gliders and hook front

into which the gliders are inserted

silent gliss loop tape glider

and then the gliders and tape are inserted into any of the narrow channel Silent Gliss tracks.

The Manufacturers web site is a great resource for technical information on all of their curtain track, pole and window blind systems.