Swish Deluxe Gliders


Gliders for Swish Deluxe curtain tracks.


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Gliders for Swish Deluxe curtain tracks.
These gliders can be clicked into the track without the need to remove or disassemble the track first, although the older tracks have a slightly smaller opening to the glider channel and I have had customers who have found that the slot in their track is slightly tighter than usual, in which case take off an end stop and slide the gliders in from the end of the track.
The Deluxe Track is also sometimes called the Swish Nova Rail and has been around for many years.
Possibly because of the ability to retrofit the gliders the Swish Deluxe track has been very popular and many large retail outlets have sold, and still sell the this curtain track.

These gliders were also used on very early versions of the Swish Superluxe corded curtain tracks.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

Swish Deluxe Gliders Video Demonstration

Watch the video below to see how Swish Deluxe gliders are retrofitted and also how the other parts of the deluxe track such as brackets and end stops are fitted


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