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As of mid 2018 I am no longer stocking this product.

There are many good quality alternative curtain hooks to choose from. My favourites are:

The nodeko curtain hook. This is a standard tape hook that will fit the vast majority of curtain track gliders

The nodeko cubicle track hook. This is a larger hook which clips onto the glider, and as the name suggests is often found in hospitals and the like, used on their privacy cubicles
nodeko shower curtain hook

Both of the above a high quality nylon curtain hooks with good strength. I tested the nodeko cubicle hooks up to 10 kilos for each hook before they broke, as an estimate they started to deform at about 6 kilos. So say you have 20 hooks on your curtain, that’s a load of 120 kilos before any issues occur. 120 kilos would be exceptionally heavy curtains !

The HINNO curve curtain hook is a slim curtain hook with a barb to help keep it in place, ideal for moving installations such as boats and planes, caravans, camper vans etc.
HINNO curve curtain hooks

HINNO pleat hooks are very popular, and have a locking mechanism to ensure that curtain, hook and glider stay connected.
Two sizes are available:
HINNO short pleat hooks
hinno small click hook
HINNO long pleat hooks
hinno long hook for pleats

There are many other alternatives to the Swish curtain hooks, browse through the Curtain Hooks category.

Swish curtain hooks are available in three colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown

By far the most popular Swish curtain hook is the white version and as of 2012 the other two colours were discontinued, although I still have some stock left. The only curtain hook which Swish manufacture are for curtains which have heading tape. Generally I find these curtain hooks to be reasonably robust and suitable for most domestic curtain weights.

I would think that the brown version of these Swish curtain hooks would have been used in conjunction with the brown version of the Swish Furniglide curtain track which was often used on railway carriages, and would have matched the old wooden decor.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

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