Silent Gliss Nylon Curtain Hooks

As of 2017 I am stocking the nodeko version of this nylon curtain hook

nodeko shower curtain hook

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Silent Gliss nylon curtain hooks generally found in hospitals, schools, etc. though not exclusively. As this hook clicks into the glider, it is therefore useful if you want to use the Silent Gliss 1021 track flush with a wall or baton, in that you can clip them on.

Silent Gliss don’t sell this product as anti-ligature curtain hooks, although I believe it is used as such in many institutions. No literature or tare weight is supplied for these nylon hooks by the manufacturer, so I guess if you already have them installed in your hospital, school etc then it is at your own risk. I did do a load test and the hook separated from the glider at 10 kilos.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

Product code – 6146

You can also buy the gliders, Silent Gliss Metropole Gliders and the hooks as a combined glide hook. Product code – 6147

Silent Gliss Glider Hook

The nodeko cubicle curtain track hooks, have so far I have been able to ascertain, exactly the same properties. They break from the glider when loaded with the same weight, 10 kilos.

nodeko cubicle track hooks comparison

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