Silent Gliss 1012


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The Silent Gliss 1012 is a discreet and smooth ultra-slim track designed for fitting in situations where an unobtrusive ceiling fix tracks is required.
Here is a schematic of the 1012 track profile, measurements are in mm

silent gliss 1012 profile illustration

The 1012 can be surfaced fixed to either wood or concrete and is available in Silver and Bronze finishes, get in touch if you would like a quote for the bronze finish.
NOTE prices are for the Silver finish Silent Gliss 1012 curtain rail.

If you intend to fix into wood you will need the Special Silent Gliss Screws to fix the track and I would recommend using the Silent Gliss Profile Protector, or if you intend to fit a great number of these tracks then the special Silent Gliss slotting tool.
The photo below shows the track with the profile protector and special screws. Use a small punch to hammer in the special screws, use a small screw driver to remove them.

silent gliss 1012 wood fixing

The concrete fixing option includes clamp brackets which the track then clicks onto. The clamp brackets can be secured to concrete or any other suitable material using wall plugs and standard screws.

silent gliss 1012 concrete fixing

silent gliss 1012 concrete fixing

This track is often used in Boats, Caravans and Motor Homes as well as planes and other situations where a small discreet track is required and on these installations with smaller windows it’s desirable to scale down the size of the heading tape and curtain hooks etc.
Silent Gliss provide a very small heading tape and loop tape glider combination.

silent gliss loop tape gliders and hook front

Silent Gliss Loop Tape
Silent Gliss Loop Tape Gliders

Silent Gliss 1021 tracks can also be bent for bay windows and other installations where a bent track is required, see our made to measure section and get in touch for a quote.
More detailed information on the 1012 Curtain Track

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Weight 100 g

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