nodeko T-Roller with Pleat Hook


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nodeko T-Roller with pleat hook. Combination roller glider and lockable curtain hook for nodeko T shaped curtain tracks. May be suitable for I-Beam curtain tracks.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

nodeko make up a track which resembles the traditional I-Beam curtain tracks often found in the UK and US, although with a bigger flange at the top, see the illustration below

The critical dimensions are:

  • Diameter of the rollers is 8.75mm
  • Gap between the runners is 2.75mm
  • Gap between the bottom of the roller and the horseshoe is 3mm

So if the top to bottom measurement of the channel you current gliders run in is less than, say 8mm, then the node T-Roller will fit, assuming that the central channel of the rail has a thickness of 2.5mm or less, and the bottom channel has a thickness of 2.5mm or less.

These gliders work well with both the old Silvo aluminium rail, and traditional brass curtain rails, though check the sizes of the runners in the grid photos

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