nodeko Osi Rapid Gliders


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nodeko Osi rapid gliders. These gliders are retrofit, i.e. they can be fitted or removed after the curtain track is installed without the need to remove the end stops and slide the gliders in from the end. The illustration below shows how this works. The nodeko Osi rapid gliders are is designed to be fitted into the track on the thinner width and then turned through 90° to keep it in place. hooks.

nodeko nicki rapid glider with pleat hook illustraton

These curtain track gliders are suitable for use with most standard tape hooks and a wide range of click in hooks such as the HINNO pleat hooks

hinno long hook for pleats

Two versions of the ösi-rapid gliders are available, one for what generally are referred to as narrow channel tracks and the other wide channel tracks.

  • By narrow channel nodeko suggest; for 4mm – rails with a run of 3.8mm to 4.2mm ( the width of the glider channel)
  • By wide channel nodeko suggest; for 6mm – rails with a run of 5.8mm to 6.3mm ( the width of the glider channel)

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

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