nodeko Cubicle track Hooks


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nodeko cubicle track hooks. nodeko market these as shower curtain hooks, though they Silent Gliss equivalent is moreĀ  frequently on hospital cubical track curtains, etc. I have seen several versions of these hooks, which all have slight variations.
Below is a comparison of the nodeko and Silent Gliss cubicle curtain hooks.

The nodeko hook curvers around more where it connects with the glider and also the hook is longer with a more pronounced barb to secure the curtain.

nodeko cubicle track hooks comparison

I load tested these hooks and both broke free from the glider when loaded to 10 kilos.

The video below demonstrates how the nodeko eye glider turnable can be used as a substitute for the Silent Gliss glide hooks which use their nylon curtain hooks and Metropole gliders. The nodeko shower cubicle track hooks along with these nodeko eye glider turnable make up the equivalent glider hook.

These curtain hooks like most plastic curtain hooks are surprisingly strong ! Check out the load test towards the end of the video ?

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