Integra Discreet Button Slides

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As I say in the video, I will still supply the Integra Discreet Button Slides, but in the bulk boxes of 500.
If you only require a few gliders for this track, then there are alternatives as per the video

Integra Discreet button slides for Integra face fix and top fix curtain tracks, also referred to as curtain track gliders.
These gliders are also used on the old Integra Slimline curtain rails, and likewise the alternatives below will as in the video fit all versions of the Integra Discreet tracks, and the Slimline tracks which have the same glider channel.

Product code – 05062

The alternative gliders that can be used are:

nodeko Universal Glider which is a retrofit glider which you can add to the track without removing the curtains or end stop

nodeko universal glider

If you require a glider which turns in the track; often used where pleated curtains are installed, then the nodeko Eye Glider Turnable will be suitable



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