HINNO Curtain Hooks for Pleats


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Hinno curtain hooks for pleats make pleats easy on curtains which have heading tape.
The locking mechanism also ensures security on installations that are subject to movement, or rough handling, such as those on commercial planes, boats, ships etc. They are also a very popular choice on smaller installations on caravans, trucks, motor homes etc.

HINNO curtain hooks for pleats

These curtain hooks are available in two sizes:

    • Long

HINNO pleat hook long, open and closed

    • Short

HINNO pleat hook short, open and closed

Goelst do a version which is transposed, i.e. the hook runs parallel to the track, Goelst cross hook. Because HINNO do clic gliders with the eyelet across as well as in line, there is usually no need to have the cross hook.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

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Weight 1.5 g