HINNO Clic Gliders Eyelet Across


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HINNO clic glider eyelet across, often found on boats, ships, caravans, trucks, aircraft etc. Clicks into the curtain track for retrofitting. The reason these click in type of gliders are often found on smaller installations such as those on boats and ships etc is that generally curtain tracks on these installations tend to be recessed without easy access to removing the ends stops and sliding the gliders in from the ends; as this glider doesn’t require access to the ends of the track it is an ideal solution.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration. Hinno make a range of what they term clic gliders which cover a range of track sizes. There sizing system goes:

  • MINI
  • MINI (Long)
  • MIDI
  • SIXO (large)
  • MAXI

For these clic gliders eyelet across there is one additional variant of the MINI size which has a longer body. The longer body size actually has a thinner body, but larger flanges, see the photo below

  Mini Mini (Long)
Width of body 3.6 mm 2.9 mm
Width of flanges 5.7 mm 6.8 mm

HINNO clic Gliders Across

HINNO make a range of what they term clic gliders which cover a range of track sizes.

  • KUST
  • MINI
  • MIDI
  • SIXO
  • MAXI

Track widths which correspond to the different sizes are:

If in doubt, view the schematic of track and clic glider sizes below, HINNO do four main sizes, starting at MINI. There is for the eyelet across another small size of KUST. This size has a thin width of body as with the mini, but has wide flanges, making it suitable for wider glider channels. The KUST is easily identified as the body is also noticeably longer.

HINNO curtain track size Kust

HINNO clic glider comparison, KUST and MINI

HINNO curtain track size Mini

HINNO curtain track size Midi

HINNO curtain track size Sixo

HINNO curtain track size Man

I used to sell the Goelst large channel retrofit glider equivalent shown below. There are significant differences in the style, but both gliders have exactly the same critical dimensions and are total compatible. Interestingly I think Goelst in the UK are now supplying these HINNO gliders. The Goelst wide channel gliders correspond to the SIXO (large) size.

The HINNO clic gliders are open at one end and closed at the other, but otherwise they are interchangeable.

Similarly I now sell the HINNO MINI clic gliders in preference to the the Silent Gliss retrofit gliders. To be honest they are identical. Although not of the eyelet across version of the clic gliders, the video below demonstrates how they work

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