Goelst Anti-Ligature Gliders


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Goelst G-Rail anti ligature gliders

These specialist gliders which are used on cubicle tracks and rails in areas where a safety risk is possible come in two variants:

  • The red lead gliders are very slightly thinner and designed to break free from the rail with slightly less force than
  • The standard grey gliders which separate from the track with slightly more force than the red lead anti ligature gliders

Various Goelst rails are designed to use these anti ligature gliders. Further links to detailed information can be found at Goelst hospital curtain tracks.

Although these gliders are used on the specific hospital tracks. The suspended cubicle tracks, they can be used on most Goelst wide channel tracks and rails.

NOTE sold in quantities of 1, photo for illustration.

Goelst Anti-Ligature Glider Illustration

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