Curtain Track Gliders

Curtain track gliders are a very popular spare part for curtain tracks. Very often, in fact the vast majority of curtain track gliders are made from plastic. On higher quality tracks this will be nylon which is more durable. On cheaper brand products PVC which degrades and becomes brittle with sunlight and heat.

Some gliders can be retrofitted to the tracks as in the case of the very popular Swish Deluxe gliders below

swish deluxe gliders

Other retrofit gliders, called clic gliders by the manufacturer are often found on trucks, boats, planes, camper vans etc

HINNO clic curtain track gliders wide channel

Curtain tracks for heavier curtain weights may use roller gliders to help ensure smooth operation and are often found on corded or electrical curtain tracks. Among the more popular in Europe would be these Silent Gliss roller gliders used on the 3900 and 1200 curtain tracks. Interestingly the longer the Silent Gliss 3900 track the more weight it can carry, normally this is the reverse. The reason being it uses roller curtain track gliders and on longer tracks there are more of them and hence heavier curtains can be carried.

silent gliss curtain track roller glider single roller

Whatever track you have you will probably find the curtain track gliders you need on oomtoo.

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Showing 1–16 of 122 results