Product reviews

These reviews are of products that I have bought to help with my personal DIY and joinery work. For me to take the time to make a video of them, you can be sure that I think it is worth sharing their beneficial aspects

Dust Commander

I used to run a small handyman business called Fitting Services in Edinburgh for around fifteen years, and from the start I used a hoover to tidy up after myself, the customers really appreciated it ! I had a couple of vans and made a conscious decision to have a Henry Hoover in both vans. If you become a member of oomtoo, you will see the integrated and very successful business model I developed, which included a van and tool layout common in all the vans I ran over the years. The Henry Hoover could be run without a bag, quite novel for the time, though it wasn’t ideal. The collection chamber was large, but the filter clogged quickly with any fine dust.
Until recently I used an old Dyson cyclone. Quite effective, and I had a couple of spare filters, so quite easy to empty, replace the filter and continue workout. When it gave up I got a reasonably priced VAX cyclone which is great, but quite small and the collection compartment fills quickly and the sawdust overspills into the filter clogging it
I thought I would try the Dust Commander, expecting it to deal with the big bits so that the VAX wouldn’t fill so quickly and I could stop and empty it before the filter got clogged. I was astonished ! the Dust Commander takes out everything

If you do any joinery and use power tools with dust extraction, then I highly recommend you get one of these, what I would term pre filters for your vacuum dust extraction system, they get a very big thumbs up from me