swish deluxe glidersIn the UK the most popular domestic curtain glider will I’m sure be the Swish Deluxe. These curtain track gliders can be retro fitted. Turn them through 90° and simply push them into the back of the track. I’m sure they were a great innovation in their time, and Swish Deluxe curtain tracks have stood the test of time.


silent gliss curtain track gliderThese Silent Gliss curtain track gliders used on the ever popular 1080 curtain track will be the most frequently replaced commercial curtain track glider. They are also used on a number of other Silent Gliss tracks and will fit many other narrow channel curtain tracks manufactured by Goelst and Mottura.


HINNO clic curtain track gliders wide channelThese clic gliders from the Swiss company HINNO can also be retro fitted, but use a different method, they are pushed into the glider channel and are suitable for many wide channel curtain tracks. A narrow channel version is also available.
For me personally one of the most popular specialist gliders used on camper vans, boats, trucks etc. are the Silent Gliss loop tape gliders which do not require any curtain hooks, but are used in conjunction with special loop tape. This system facilitates a very neat solution for small curtains, but still allows for a smooth operating and durable curtain track system.

There are other versions of curtain track gliders, including very smooth roller gliders, heavy duty billet runners found on tracks capable of carrying very heavy curtains such as stage tracks. This section contains a very wide range of common and not so common curtain track gliders and glide hooks.

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