Curtain Track Brackets

Curtain track brackets for all makes of curtain track, the section includes a subsection with extension brackets. As well as the popular brands such as Swish and Silent Gliss I stock a very wide range of  brackets from other manufacturers such as Mottura, Goelst and Integra. Some brackets are used on own brand products, e.g. Wickes use the Integra Aluglide curtain track brackets also used on the old Monorail and Decorail tracks. Homebase and Focus DIY also used to sell Integra products under their own brand.

For those of you who are looking for extension brackets then you will also find a good selection to choose from. My recommendations would be the Mottura and surprisingly the Swish system. Both of these curtain track extension systems are quite rigid and not liable to sagging. This is especially important, particularly if you have corded curtain tracks.

swish autoglide curtain track bracketsI still have stock of the old Swish Autoglide curtain track brackets left.

silent gliss universal bracket whiteAmongst the most popular curtain track brackets used commercially are these Silent Gliss universal brackets. They are used on Europe’s most popular curtain track, the Silent Gliss 1080. The popularity of the 1080 means that although these nylon brackets are very durable replacements are frequently needed.

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Showing 1–16 of 106 results