Curtain Hooks

swish curtain hooks whiteThe Swish tape hook is still probably the most popular curtain hook for domestic curtains, although many DIY chain stores sold the Integra hooks under their own brand. Both of these curtain hooks are used on curtains which have heading tape, again the most common for domestic curtains, especially those that are bought off the shelf as it were. The number of different variations on the standard tape hook is staggering, just about every manufacturer has their own particular variant, although within the range there are a few notable differences, such as the material, PVC, nylon and metal including steel and brass are all used. There are also slight differences in size.

silent gliss nylon curtain hookProbably not so well know amongst domestic users, but certainly well know in commercial circles will be these Silent Gliss nylon curtain hooks which are commonly found in hospitals and other areas where there is screening. The German company nodeko make a very similar product, in fact almost identical. As I say these hooks are mostly used in combination with cubicle rails for screening, but are also found domestically on shower curtains. I would reckon these click in curtain hooks are by far the most often used as they get more ware and need to be replaced more often.

When I first started this business I was astounded by the range and diversity available for different applications. There are those for very small tracks found on camper vans, boats and planes, hook gliders used for curtains with separate headings and many other specialist curtain hooks for pleated curtains, some are adjustable, some are adjustable and sew in, some curtain hooks are sew on, and there are several curtain hooks which click onto the glider to ensure they stay connected, very useful on moving installations such as the ships, trucks, trains etc. The list goes on…

Since they have become so popular especially for hotels and other similar commercial applications it is Adjustable Curtain Hooks Comparison page.

Whatever curtain hook you are looking for, there’s a very good chance you will find it in the section which has close to one hundred different styles.

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Showing 1–16 of 75 results