Privacy Policy

oomtoo only keeps information required to complete customers orders, i.e. Name, Address, Telephone no. email address.
I am a one person business about me and in the entire time I have been trading on the internet, since 1993 ! I have never knowingly indulged in third party advertising, or made information available to those who may.


oomtoo uses google analytics.

Additionally a security app logs those visiting the site. Note it can only identifies users if they are logged in ! This tracking is useful for troubleshooting if a user, or potential user is having issues. It also helps me protect my site from unwelcome visitors.
Data is deleted on a rolling basis of 2000 visits. Generally oomtoo is visited by a search engine, user, or browser about once every 10 to 15 seconds. So any record is deleted within 12 hours.


cookies are used by oomtoo to help keep track of what’s in your cart, which products you have recently looked at. If you are a registered user and logged in, then they will also be used to identify you personally for the purpose of ensuring any orders that you place are attributed to you. This means that you can view your complete purchase history from your account. They also ensure that your contact data populates the checkout form.

Shipping cart calculator

When you enter information into the shipping cart calculator, that information is stored temporarily so that you can see how much you are likely to pay for postage for your particular region. This information is not retained by oomtoo, but store in a cookie in your browser.

Your data needs to be shared !

There are two third parties who are able to share information about your purchases. The payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. This is essential to complete payments and complete orders.
Additionally if your order is sent by courier, then your contact details will be shared with them for obvious reasons.


If you submit a comment, then the comment will be attributed to you as a user. Comments are moderated.
oomtoo uses the platform WordPress, and woocommerce. If you are using a custom gravatar, then the service will look for it and populate that on any comments you make. Otherwise an anonymous image is used.
Find out more at automatic who own and operate woocommerce and are commercially linked to WordPress.

How long is your data retained

As above, if you haven’t registered, or made a purchase, then your personal data isn’t collected or retained. If you have made a purchase, and this is currently the only way you can register, then your data is kept indefinitely.
You can view your data by simply logging into your account

Where I send your data

Currently the web is hosted in the Ireland, and the third parties, PayPal and stripe are based in the US. Hosting companies do collect browsing data for marketing purposes, but not personal data.
WordPress and woocommerce and also based in the United States

How I protect your data

oomtoo uses SSL technology to verify its authenticity, look for the padlock !
Administration login is protected by 2FA
Because I am a one person business, it is easy to guard against internal data breaches.
I made a decision very early on for my online businesses that I would never store any financial information, credit card or PayPal, and this ensures that only very secure companies such as stripe and PayPal store this information on my behalf.

What third parties we receive data from

I have always been very wary about information and the internet, and other than the bare minimum required to complete orders and operate the site effectively.

Any issues

get in touch and I will investigate asap !