Manufacturers of window furnishings are numerous and most of you probably won’t have heard of the leading brands as they tend to be fitted to commercial property rather than in our domestic households. Swish who also owned the brands Harrison Drape and Universal will be the most recognisable domestic brands.
Of commercial global manufacturers three stand out. I hasten to add that many of the products from these manufactures are entirely suitable for domestic window furnishing installations.


HINNO is a Swiss company and seem to have been first to market with the clic gliders and end stops often used in trucks, camper vans, caravans, motor homes, yachts and boats. These innovative gliders can be retrofitted without the need to access the ends of the curtain track to slide the gliders in. Hence where tracks are embedded into upholstery or butted up against the end of bulkheads the gliders are ideal. Not what I would call a commercial company, but their products are high quality and as above generally for domestic consumption.

There claim is “Das Original”

silent gliss

Another “Swiss” company. I put this in inverted commas as Silent Gliss is a large multinational company, and although they have their headquarters in Switzerland which is where the companies origins are, they are very much a global company.

Silent Gliss manufacture a very comprehensive range of high quality window furnishings suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

nodeko logo

Well nodeko say they are perfect, and certainly their products are manufactured to a very high quality.


Goelst make a very similar range of window furnishings to Silent Gliss and are likewise a global player in the market.


Mottura are an Italian company who besides manufacturing window furnishing products such as curtain tracks and window blinds also manufacturer lock and security systems. Their market niche are cruise ships.

All of the above manufacturers are at the high end of the market, and their products are very good quality and durable, which is why they are used so extensively in commercial applications; they need to be tough and stand a lot of ware and tare. Another factor making the products manufactured by Silent Gliss, Goelst and Mottura popular with commercial installers is that spare parts are almost certainly likely to be available.

Domestic Manufactures

As I say of the domestic manufacturers Swish is perhaps the best know, although Integra are also a very popular brand.

swish logo

Swish UK was taken over by Sunflex around 2007 and Integra around 2014


Integra was taken over by Sunflex around 2013.


Guess I should really say something about Sunflex here as they seem to be making a bid to take over the domestic window furnishing supply, certainly in the UK.

To be honest I hadn’t heard of Sunflex until they took over Swish UK. They are a reasonably large American company who’s origins grew out of making window blinds from Aluminium just after the second world war when Aluminium was cheap. They manufacture a wide range of window blinds, curtain poles and curtain tracks.

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