Making a Curtain Track Bending Former

I guess this page is for those of you who are either curtain track fitters or DIY handy people who have a large curtain fitting job to do where there are a lot of bends. NOTE these video instructions are for curtain tracks, generally metal that can be bent by hand. Among these is the Silent Gliss 1080, but the 1080 also requires that you use a Filler Set to ensure that the glider and bracket channels aren’t deformed when you bend the track. I also used the bending former featured in the video for bending the Integra Regular curtain track, but again the Regular track needs a Bending Kit and I used the bending former to create a stable base.

Most often you are going to use a bending former to bend metal tracks for bay windows. See my page on Bay Window Curtain Tracks and Poles.

Various tracks can be bent by hand:

  • Silvo
  • Brass I-Beam
  • Silent Gliss 1080 ( requires a filler set )
  • Rolls Superglide
  • Speedy Fineline
  • Speedy I-Line

and I expect many more that I haven’t yet come across.

Below is a screen shot from the Making a curtain track bending former video which lasts just under 10 minutes

Curtain Track Bending Former

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