Integra have been at the forefront of the window furnishing industry for many years as an independent company, but in 2013 it was taken over by Sunflex.

Many of you will actually be using an Integra track, or at least one based on an their designs although you may not realise it. Why ? well large DIY chains such as Focus DIY and Homebase sold the them under their own brand names. Likewise many manufacturers made copies of the most popular tracks, the Swanglide and Ultraglide and sold them under their own names.

Integra Curtain Tracks

Personally I like the Swanglide and Ultraglide tracks, they are extendible telescopic tracks which are easy to fit and because they are extendible, there is no need to cut them down to size, you simply pull them out to the desired length.
One issue to note however is that the current gliders or Plain Slides are made from PVC and because they run on a steel edge can ware out prematurely, if this happens to your track, then replace them with the more durable Pendulum Slides which have nylon bearings. You could also give your track a spray with Silicone Lubricant. Overall I still like these Integra curtain tracks and recommend them.

For those looking for a plastic track, then the Premier is very capable and available in a corded and hand drawn version, although as of 2013 it is being phased out and you may find it difficult to obtain.

In it’s class of tracks which use a hook glider the Integra Aluglide. The Aluglide is metal and very durable and unlike many of it’s competitors which use hook gliders is smooth operating especially when given a spray of silicone lubricant.

integra aluglide track from front

also available in contract lengths of 4.88m without a join.

Integra Spare Parts


There is an extensive range of brackets for the Regular and Double Duty contract tracks and their ready assembled variants the Swanglide and Ultraglide. The most popular replacement bracket is that used on the Monorail and Decorail tracks which is also the bracket used on the Aluglide.

integra monorail decorail brackets

Integra Curtain Track Gliders

Generally because the slides that are used on the Regular, Double Duty, Swanglide and Ultraglide are a plastic component running against metal they tend to ware out over time.

integra plain slides

Integra Curtain Hooks

Integra won’t be renowned for the number of curtain hooks in it’s range, but it does have a couple of unique hooks.

integra pin hooks

Other Integra Parts

Most popular in this section is the cord tension pulley.

integra cord tension pulley

The manufacturers web site has some good information including links to fitting instructions in video format.