HINNO specialise in clic curtain track gliders, which click into the track and are easily retrofitted. These come in various sizes and there are also versions with the eyelet at 90° to the track.

The most popular of the clic gliders are these

The click in gliders and also the end stops below are mostly associated with caravans, camper vans and trucks, boats and other smaller installations where the need to retro fit the gliders without having to remove end stops is important, and often tracks which are embedded into the upholstery of these vehicles can’t be removed easily.

By far the most popular end stop that I sell are these wide channel ones

HINNO Curtain Hooks

Some interesting and unique hooks in this manufacturers range including these ultra small ones which clic into the gliders to keep them in place and have a tight barb to keep the curtains firmly attached.

They also do a range of stitching hooks which are used on curtains which don’t use heading tape. These come in three sizes:

  • 3cm
  • 6cm
  • 8cm

and despite being plastic are surprisingly strong !

The most popular curtain hooks that HINNO produce are these pleat hooks which are available in two sizes:

  • Short
  • Long

Both of these pleat hooks have a locking mechanism to ensure the curtain stay attached to the curtain hooks; essential on moving installations such as ships and boats.

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