Handyman tips

I used to run a handyman business for fifteen years, and developed a great deal of expertise during that time.

Buy access to oomtoo, and you will be able to view all my tips and tricks The section also includes help on setting up a handyman business. As the saying goes, if only I’d known when I started what I knew after fifteen years, things would have been a whole lot easier and more profitable

I also do product reviews of equipment I currently use which I consider to be worth reviewing.

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Tools list

For any handyman, tools are essential, and believe it or not I started my handyman business on a push bike with panniers. When there wasn’t enough room in those, I added the rucksack, but eventually I needed a van.
Anyway as you can imagine I had to get really good at identifying which tools I really needed so as to keep the space required to a minimum. Even when I got a new van, the smallest one I could find to cope with the busy Edinburgh city centre, I kept things frugal. A strategy which stood me in good stead throughout the time I ran that particular business. The tools list hasn’t changed much, even now in 2020 most of the tools in the two tool boxes are little changed from those day on the push bike

The tools list includes a comprehensive video detailing how to use and look after all the tools.

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Walls & fixings

Very important that anything you attach to anything else, assuming you want it to stay attached, does just that I have a few favourite fixings, though the members content also includes my testing, fixing and load testing of most of the common fixings for plasterboard, lathe and plaster and brick / stone walls that are found in most DIY stores

One person who does some proof reading for me watched the video and her comment for someone who doesn’t do DIY was “amazing, I can’t believe I’ve watched this video with genuine interest”

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Other handyman content

As I say, I ran a successful handyman business for many years, and put together some tips on setting up a handyman business.

If you are honest, polite, reasonably priced and useful, then your will soon attract customers who will ask you to do just about everything. Don’t take on anything for which you don’t have the necessary skills and tools ! I turned down quite a few jobs that were beyond me and my team, though in the early days I would get involved in quite a few unprofitable and demanding learning curves so to speak.

Quite quickly I specialised in fitting curtain tracks and poles, locks and door furniture, shelving and assembling flat packs.
Hence the catalogue of spare parts for curtain tracks on this site.

So below is my take on:

  • The basics of setting up a handyman business
  • Administration and communication
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Van layout

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If you become a member and have read through the members content above, then you will understand why I include my take on fitting and replacing some basic locks:

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