Goelst like Silent Gliss and Mottura are at the high end of window furnishings and all three of these manufactures share some similar products.


The Goelst G-Rail is their trademark product, however you will find that their narrow channel G-Rail tracks are almost identical to the Silent Gliss versions and many of the spare parts are interchangeable although slightly different in order not to infringe each others design rights.

Although I are happy to sell complete track the majority of my sales of Goelst products are spare parts, with as you may have guessed their curtain track gliders making up the bulk of these.

Curtain Track Gliders

The wide channel G-Rail retrofit click in glider below is often found on trucks, caravans, motor homes etc

goelst g-rail retrofit glider wide channel

End Stops

I guess Goelst have got the market covered with their wide channel G-Rail range.

Goelst Metal End Stop Eye

Curtain Hooks

Like most manufacturers Goelst make available their own range of curtain hooks, most of which are off the shelf items sourced from other manufacturers.