Goelst Retrofit Gliders

Goelst retrofit gliders as I describe them can be fitting into the curtain track or rail without the need to remove the end stops. They can also be inserted anywhere along the track without removing the curtains.

From memory I started stocking the HINNO equivalent which although a slightly different shape, being more square, fit the same ranges of tracks, including the Goelst G-Rail series. Both wide and narrow variants.

Photos of the Goelst gliders below

Goelst G-Rail retrofit gliders narrow

Goelst G-Rail retrofit gliders wide

HINNO make a clic glider with eyelet across, Goelst’s solution was to have a cross hook.

Goelst click-in glider, HINNO clic glider and cross hook comparison

For general reference:

  • HINNO mini size fits all Goelst and Silent Gliss narrow channel tracks
  • HINNO midi firs all Silent Gliss wide channel tracks
  • HINNO sixo and maxi fit all Goelst wide Channel tracks

If in doubt, view the schematic of track and clic glider sizes below, HINNO do four main sizes, starting at MINI. There is for the eyelet across another small size of KUST. This size has a thin width of body as with the mini, but has wide flanges, making it suitable for wider glider channels. The KUST is easily identified as the body is also noticeably longer.

HINNO curtain track size Kust

HINNO clic glider comparison, KUST and MINI

HINNO curtain track size Mini

HINNO curtain track size Midi

HINNO curtain track size Sixo

HINNO curtain track size Man