Cyclone dust collector

Dust Commander cyclone dust collector

A cyclone dust collector is in my opinion a must have DIY / woodworking tool. Even if you only do occasional woodworking projects you will find the large volume dust collector reduces the need for dust masks and sweeping up of sawdust and cuttings.

I used to run a small handyman business called Fitting Services in Edinburgh for around fifteen years, and from the start I used a hoover to tidy up after myself, the customers really appreciated it !
I had a couple of vans and made a conscious decision to have a Henry Hoover in both vans. If you become a member of oomtoo, you will see the integrated and very successful business model I developed, which included a van and tool layout common in all the vans I ran over the years. The Henry Hoover could be run without a bag, quite novel for the time, though it wasn’t ideal. The collection chamber was large, but the filter clogged quickly with any fine dust.
Until recently I used an old Dyson cyclone. Quite effective, and I had a couple of spare filters, so quite easy to empty, replace the filter and continue workout. When it gave up I got a reasonably priced VAX cyclone which is great, but quite small and the collection compartment fills quickly and the sawdust overspills into the filter clogging it
I thought I would try the Dust Commander, expecting it to deal with the big bits so that the VAX wouldn’t fill so quickly and I could stop and empty it before the filter got clogged. I was astonished ! the Dust Commander cyclone dust collector takes out everything

If you do any joinery and use power tools with dust extraction, then I highly recommend you get a cyclone dust collector. They are essentially a pre filter for your vacuum dust extraction system, they get a very big thumbs up from me 👍🏼

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