The original Swish Autoglide brand of electrical tracks were bought out by Silent Gliss around 2007 / 08.

Silent Gliss immediately set about making the brand it’s own, and within a few years the track was completely different, only the brand name Autoglide remained.

It took the trade a number of years to run out of stock of spare parts for the original Swish tracks, about 2017. If you have one of these old tracks and need a spare part, then the only remedies are:

  • catabolise another track to make do and mend
  • perhaps you can glue some of these, such as the brackets with a hot melt glue (surprisingly strong, become a member and learn more about DIY tricks and tips)
  • or perhaps a 3D printers

I guess if you do have one of these old tracks, then definitely consider upgrading to the new Silent Gliss Autoglide, or perhaps one of the other two of the big three’s electrical tracks. Goelst and Mottura. Though if you are keen to repair you may get the floating carrier on a well known auction site
My advice though would be to consider whether it is worth it, as the belt hasn’t been available in a very long time, and none of the other parts are either

Anyway here are some photos of the parts that used to be available:

  • Probably the most popular was the floating carrier Swish Autoglide Floating Carrier
  • There were a couple of versions of the bracket, a specific ceiling fix one which I never stocked, and the standard wall fix one below Swish Autoglide Wall Fix Brackets
  • Gliders Swish Autoglide Gliders

Once Silent Gliss took over the brand and started making it their own, the initial changes were to incorporate it into their existing electrical track system; the 5100.
I can’t give you a definite on when the drive belt changed to the Silent Gliss 5100 system, but as above, it hasn’t been around for ages.

Parts for the transition Silent Gliss Autoglide, the 5070, 80 and 90 depending on which features you chose are also now difficult to get a hold of. I still have some bits left as in the photo below. Get in touch and make me an offer if you want any of them