Bay Window Curtain Tracks and Poles

I have a unique and successful approach to made to measure / bay window curtain tracks and poles; in that I draw a two scale graphic of the measurements to make sure everything lines up, made to measure examples

Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Primarily the made to measure service for bay windows I provide is for the Silent Gliss range and the Cameron Fuller bay pole system.

Silent Gliss

All Silent Gliss tracks are to some extent made to measure as they are made up from the lengths of track profile which tend to be 5 to 6m in length.
This made to measure section focuses specifically on tracks and poles for bay windows and other installations where a bend in the track is required. Many Silent Gliss curtain tracks can be bought online.

Bay Window Curtain Poles

Cameron Fuller

The Cameron Fuller bay window curtain poles system uses special passover brackets and rings so that the curtain can be drawn around the pole without snagging on the brackets.

You may find it helpful when measuring to download and print off the made to measure form. If this isn’t possible, then the image is view-able below.
If you would like help with measuring your bay window, I offer a helpful video: measuring bay windows. It is free – just order it online.

made to measure size imput image

Made to Measure Form

Use the form below to supply me with measurements and information about your bay window…

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I prefer measurements in mm to the nearest 5mm, but am happy to do the conversions for you, please specify which unit of measurement you are using:

The measurements around your bay window

AB measurement

BC measurement

CD measurement

DE measurement

EF measurement

Diagonal measurements, these measurements help me ensure that the angles of the bends are accurate

From point A

AC measurement

AD measurement

AE measurement

AF measurement

From point B

BD measurement

BE measurement

BF measurement

From point C

CE measurement

CF measurement

From point D

DF measurement

If your track is corded then please specify the cord drop you would like

If you have more points than the above, then just add the measurements in the additional information text box below.

Additional Information about your track or pole, e.g. which track and pole are you interested in etc

It's sometimes helpful to email photos to help me visualise the installation.

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