If you need any help finding a part or need advice on which track will be suitable then get in touch and I will do my very best to help.
Looking for a part for a curtain track but unsure what it’s called, then this page will be a good place to start, anatomy of a curtain track. Once you know which part you’re looking for you should find that photos and content on my site make identification easy, just visit the shop or use the search form.
Spares for all of the most popular curtain tracks from Swish, Silent Gliss, Integra, Goelst, Mottura are either already cataloged on the site, or in the process of being added.
Not just a site for spare parts, you will also find many curtain tracks and specifically those for specialist installations, including curved tracks for bay windows, see the made to measure page.

You’ll find if you buy certain products then you will get access to good quality video instructions which you can view on any device, smart phone, tablet or traditional PC and Mac. If you just need these instructions then you can buy access, take a look at those currently available in the Digital Content category. I’ll add to the list as I develop the site, in the meantime if you have any requests just get in touch.

From the time I started selling online twenty years ago I was always pleased to ship items worldwide and am still proud to do so, for those of you not in the UK I hope you will find the currency converter helpful.

Over the years I’ve had some great comments about my sites and service, and although this site is very new I am very pleased that customers have taken the time to make their views know, see the happy customers page.

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